The selection of the best managers

Arche Wealth Management creates portfolios with a tailor-made allocation, selects the best investment funds in the world, maintains a close dialogue with the clients and establishes transparent reports in order to follow the evolution of the portfolios.

Arche Wealth Management is the architect of tailored-made asset allocation.

  • The portfolios are assembled to reflect our market convictions while taking into account the specific orientations agreed upon with the client.
  • Arche manages on a discretionary basis and also offers an advisory management service in order to analyze the situation in accordance with market dynamics.
  • Arche provides continuous portfolio monitoring with a high response capacity.

Arche Wealth Management selects the best management specialists in the world.

  • Arche Wealth Management’s investment committee relies on a network of strategists to help develop and put into perspective its own market scenario.
  • Through an open architecture, the selection of investment funds enables Arche to provide a relevant and specialized service on all asset classes.

Arche Wealth Management is an independent management company that works with several depository banks.

  • Clients, entrusting the management of all or part of their assets, may retain their historical custodian bank(s).
  • Clients can also benefit from the network of custodian banks with which Arche Wealth Management has negotiated competitive pricing conditions.

Arche Wealth Management establishes a reporting system that enables a precise understanding of the portfolio’s orientations.

  • Arche Wealth Management’s teams know the clients perfectly. This relationship is ensured through a stable and available team.
  • The market views and portfolio allocation are always clearly highlighted and communicated with the clients allowing the development of a relationship of trust.
  • Arche creates detailed and tailor-made reports with a transparent analysis of all investments.