A profession of excellence in Luxembourg

The Family Officer is the experienced, confident and independent conductor of your private wealth.
He has the central role in coordinating different services in the spirit of safeguarding family traditions and values. Arche Family Office accompanies its clients in all the issues related to their assets on an independent basis while ensuring the absence of conflicts of interest.

Arche Family Office analyzes and creates the architecture that meets the clients’ needs.

  • Detailed analysis of the global family wealth.
  • Adequate answers to complex situations.
  • Drafting of a mission statement adapted to the requirements of the Client.

Arche Family Office selects and coordinates the best service providers.

  • Selection of the best service providers to meet the clients’ specific needs.
  • Selection and negotiation with the best custodian banks in the exclusive interest of the client.
  • Coordination of the activities of the managers, custodian banks and all the service providers.
  • Ensures a selection and follow-up of the most reputable asset management banks, independent asset managers providing a specialized service but also a selection of funds from the best managers. This range of services enables Arche Family Office to bring new managers to complement the historical managers of the client and thus ensure manager optimization over time.
  • Facilitates investment committees: ensures the consistency of the allocation of the different managers; supervises and coordinates the various managers and creates one consolidated report.

Arche Family Office challenges providers and informs its clients.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the performance of the selected service providers in line with the mission statement.
  • Challenges selected providers continuously.
  • Regular consolidation of all activities related to the client’s assets.
  • Permanent contact with the client and link with all selected partners.

Arche Family Office advises the families.

  • In the organization of family governance.
  • In the field of philanthropy.
  • In choosing and organizing legal successions.