Arche Associates is an innovative structure

Development of an exclusive partnership in Canada with the National Bank of Canada (NBC) and some of its subsidiaries.

  • The NBC is the main bank in Quebec with its head office in Montreal.
  • The NBC offers Arche’s Clients a custodian bank service and a multitude of investment solutions in Canada.
  • Arche thus makes it possible to diversify the risk of holding assets by placing them on the North American continent.
  • The partnership provides access to structured products that are unique in their design as well as to real estate investment opportunities in Canada.

Partnership, initiated by Arche, between Swiss Life and the National Bank of Canada, authorized by the Insurance Commission of Luxembourg.

  • This agreement allows Arche’s clients to use the National Bank of Canada (NBC) as the custodian of a life insurance contract by Swiss Life.
  • It offers a unique solution that combines the benefits of a Luxembourg life insurance while diversifying risk by placing assets in Canada and taking advantage of Arche’s asset management expertise.

Arche, a shareholder in companies that provide additional expertise for our clients.

  • Athys Capital Advisors: specialized in financial strategy consulting dedicated to Private Equity, with which Arche joined forces in order to have complementary expertise. Similarly, Athys Capital Advisors assists Arche’s Clients in corporate strategy and finance consulting (long-term debt operations).

Development of a network via tied agents.

Arche has several tied agents that share the same philosophy.

  • Elisabeth Weitzel (Website:
  • Frédéric Depaz, Depaz Jalon & Associés